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“This is a pivotal time for state lawmakers to initiate a 21st century energy policy that satisfies our needs, while ensuring affordable energy for our state’s hard-working individuals, farmers, families, manufacturers and businesses. We look forward to working with CEA to remind South Carolina policymakers of this important opportunity to understand how the state’s energy needs can be tackled with innovative solutions, while also protecting our environment.”

– Ellen Weaver, President and CEO of the Palmetto Promise Institute

South Carolinians spend nearly $3,765 annually on energy. For a low-come person living at the poverty line, that translates to 31 percent of their individual income.

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South Carolina Emissions Fell 89 Percent as States across the Nation Prove They Don’t...

Columbia, SC. – Given that South Carolina remains one of the nation’s largest energy consumers, the fact that statewide emissions fell by 89 percent since 1990 is an incredibly noteworthy and positive feat, according to...
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South Carolinians Saved More Than $6.4 Billion Thanks to Low-Priced Fuel

Consumer Energy Alliance Examines Energy Production’s Benefits to South Carolina’s Families, Small Businesses and Industries in New Report Columbia, SC. — South Carolina families and businesses saved more than $6.4 billion thanks to low-priced natural...

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Energy Bills

Kevin Doyle, CEA's Vice President for State Affairs, defines the need for South Carolina to be a part of offshore discussions. To understand why, look no further than how much South Carolina families spend annually...
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Consumer Group Urges the Administration to Continue Efforts Toward the 5-Year Offshore Leasing Plan

Washington, DC - Today, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the nation’s leading energy advocate for families and small businesses, urged the Trump administration to move forward with a comprehensive and responsible offshore leasing program for...