Is Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Technology Too Expensive?

As communities, businesses, and local, state, and national governments define their goals to meet an evolving energy mix, a contentious debate continues around various forms of new technology. One of those is carbon capture utilization and storage – or CCUS.

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Drilling and Net-Zero: How to Avoid Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater

In the most recent analyses, Wood Mackenzie, International Energy Agency, and OPEC+ all gave their growth projections for oil and gas development over the long term. Wood Mackenzie and the IEA both created modeled scenarios depending on the implementation and deployment of new technologies while OPEC+ took a more traditional approach.


Enhanced Oil Recovery’s Alignment with Future Consumer and Market Demands in Aviation

Every day, over 24,000 aircraft takeoff across the United States, carrying over 2.5 million passengers to destinations across the world connecting them to friends, family, and business opportunities. Combined, these daily flights require over 25,704,000 gallons of jet fuel each day, and that is just in the United States.

What is Net-Zero and Why You Should Care?

Under the Paris Agreement, participating countries are aiming to be climate-neutral by 2050 in the hopes of slowing the effects of climate change. That means for every action resulting in emissions released into the atmosphere, another action must be taken to reduce those same emissions. What you get is net-zero. This carbon neutrality is what will help clear the air while scientists, engineers, and you work on ways to conserve and be more energy efficient.

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