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How Much is N.J.’s Clean Energy Plan Going to Cost Us?

The clean energy goals set by the state of New Jersey irresponsibly do not analyze the rate impact for residential, commercial and industrial electricity...

Oklahoma Saved More Than $8 Billion Thanks to Low-Priced Fuel

Oklahoma City, OK — Oklahoma families and businesses saved more than $8 billion thanks to low-priced natural gas, created by a combination of increased...

What’s Your Solution for Always Having the Latest Technology?

Every year Apple, Samsung, Google and Huawei, along with other smartphone companies are continually developing and selling their latest technology. Much of what is...

Long Island Liberals Wake Up to How Green Extremism Hurts Constituents

Six Long Island Democratic state senators are now calling for "emergency" approval of the Williams pipeline after learning how blocking this vital infrastructure is...

Consumer Group Finds West Virginia’s Emissions Declined Despite Oil and Gas Boom

CHARLESTON, WV — Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) today released its West Virginia Emissions Brief which showcases the significant emissions reductions and environmental improvements made across...