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More Energy Investment Headed to St. Clair County

CEA recently hosted the Fueling Michigan's Future forum in St. Clair County, Michigan to discuss the importance of energy infrastructure and energy efficiency for families, farmers,...

PUC: Line 3 Oil Pipeline Plan Is Necessary, Safest Option

Families. farmers, and businesses across Minnesota depend on the energy delivered by Line 3.  This week, staff at the Public Utilities Commission recognized the...

Mike Butler Interview with WRVO

CEA Mid-Atlantic Executive Director Mike Butler recently sat down to talk about the importance of pipeline infrastructure to help decrease energy costs for New...

State of Natural Gas in New York

CEA's Mike Butler discusses New York energy costs and the importance of embracing an all-of-the-above energy policy, which includes modernizing energy infrastructure like pipeline,...

Local Business Owner Backs New Oil Pipeline

Modernizing Minnesota's infrastructure not only helps small businesses, but it also keeps energy costs affordable for families and farmers across the state. Running a small...