• Energy Infrastructure in New England Needs an Update

    Limited pipeline capacity, federal and state regulations, and a change in the mix of electricity and heating generation are just a few of the things that the region is facing when it comes to energy. Temperate spring weather will provide some respite from sky-high bills. However, high electricity prices may be a new norm for […]

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    FAQ: If energy prices are so low, why do we need to drill for more oil and gas?

    Energy is a commodity. Just like agricultural products (corn, beef, etc.) energy (including oil, natural gas, gasoline, electricity) is a basic building block of myriad other products. Because they are a basic unit of production, commodities prices are subject to the direct influence of supply and demand. The more supply, the lower the price. The more demand, […]

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    Low Gas and Energy Costs Top the List of Consumer Holiday Benefits for 2015

    The holiday season can be one of the most enjoyable, yet expensive, times of the year. But thanks to the U.S. energy revolution, Americans can plan on keeping a few more hard-earned dollars in their wallets heading into the new year. That’s because consumers are paying the lowest gas prices we’ve seen in seven years. […]

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    Power Plant Emissions Reach 27-Year Lows

    It’s well established that domestic energy production is good for the economy. Lesser know is that its good for the environment too! Recently, the Energy Information Administration released a report that found carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation just reached a 27-year-low in the U.S. This means that the nation’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide […]

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    $2 Gas Makes for a Happy Holiday Season!

    Planning on traveling for the holidays? Your road trip will be cheaper this year thanks to record levels of U.S. and Canadian oil production and reduced demand. Despite attacks from ISIS and continued unrest in the Middle East, increased crude output combined with lower demand have driven down the national gasoline average price to just […]

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    Back to School- Looking for a Career and Education Path that Pays and Will Stay? Think STEM.

    America’s record-breaking energy resurgence has catapulted us to No. 1 in oil and natural gas production, much thanks to an array of technological innovations and advancements that have allowed us to tap resources previously deemed unreachable. No doubt, it’s been a win-win for American consumers. But none of this would have happened without the machinists, […]

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    Football: A continuous game of power

    Since the early 2000s, there have been numerous rule changes to what has quickly become America’s most-watched professional sporting event – football. Changes of note include the infamous “tuck rule” and its repeal, moving kick-offs up to the 35-yard-line, and moving the extra-point back, making what used to be a near sure-thing into a far […]

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    Lower Heating Costs Expected This Winter – Thanks to U.S. Energy Production

    Add this to the list of things to be thankful for this coming Thanksgiving. Thanks to America’s ongoing energy revolution, American consumers no longer have to break the bank when filling up their gas tanks. They won’t have to break the bank to keep their homes warm and toasty this winter either. The Energy Information […]

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    Lower Energy Prices Means Massive Savings for Consumers this Winter

    As fall takes hold and Americans start to think about cold winter nights, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that low oil and gas prices this winter will bring consumers’ massive savings on energy expenses. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas prices are anticipated to fall as low as $2.03 a gallon this […]

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    The Ins and Outs – and Turns – of the Petroleum Supply Chains

    The petroleum industry is the lifeblood of our modern world, producing the electricity that charges your cell phone, the gas that heats your stove, and the fuel that powers your car’s engine. It’s also equally important to our country’s economic development, its job creation efforts, its global competitiveness, and its energy independence. But the industry is […]