HOUSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Vaan Gaskets as its newest affiliate member.

Vaan Gaskets is a growing manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Houston, TX that provides exceptional quality and reliable performance for a wide range of industrial applications. Family-owned and operated, Vaan Gaskets blends decades of experience with the newest innovations to deliver 100% American-made gaskets, bolts and fasteners that are built to last.

“You can trust Vaan Gaskets to use only the highest-quality materials, equipment, and processes, to offer the products you can depend on for your operational success,” said Antonio Rivero, CEO of Vaan Gaskets. “As a new manufacturer in Houston, Vaan Gaskets looks forward to working together with CEA in fulfilling its mission.”

“We are happy to welcome Vaan Gaskets as one our newest member. Vaan Gaskets is relatively new to the US market and CEA gives them an excellent opportunity to reach out to our broad membership. CEA looks forward to working with Vaan Gaskets over the next year,” said Paul Looney, CEA’s EVP for Strategic Development.

For more information on Vaan Gaskets, visit their website.

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