Capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky

Louisville, KYConsumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading consumer energy advocate, released the following statement after the Kentucky Senate voted (31 to 4) to approve HB-44, a critical pipeline and infrastructure protection bill. CEA Vice President of State Affairs Brydon Ross said:

“Consumer Energy Alliance wants to thank the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee Chairman Jim Gooch for his tireless efforts to address the Commonwealth’s key infrastructure protections and Senator Brandon Smith for moving the bill through committee and onto the floor for consideration. HB-44 will help ensure that legitimate free speech rights are protected while also preventing damage by those who act unlawfully and with harmful intent targeted at our critical energy infrastructure.”

“We commend Kentucky Senators for voting overwhelmingly to protect critical infrastructure, like the pipelines our communities rely on each day to function and keep our daily lives moving, both physically and economically. CEA urges Governor Andy Beshear to promptly sign HB-44 into law and to follow the example of the Kentucky House and Senate working across the aisle together for the greater good of our Commonwealth.”


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