Happy Earth Week! It was a big week for climate and energy, with House Democrats re-introducing Green New Deal legislation on Tuesday, followed by the U.S. Climate Summit on Thursday, where President Biden hosted leaders from around the globe to pledge their commitments in addressing climate change.

During the Summit, Biden vowed to reduce U.S. emissions by 50% by 2030, more than doubling the U.S.’s prior commitment under the Paris Climate Agreement. The U.K and E.U committed to cutting emissions by 68% and 55% respectively, while China vowed to reach peak emissions by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2060.

Thankfully, we are already on the right track to meeting these goals. CEA found that U.S. emissions decreased across the board from 1990-2019, and that just last year global energy-related CO2 emissions declined 5.8%.

Oil edged higher today after crude benchmarks fell this week due to increasing COVID-19 infections in India and Japan, the world’s third and fourth largest oil importers.

We hope you had a great Earth Week and continue to practice an earth-friendly lifestyle year-round! Catch up on more of this week’s energy news below.

5Is sustainable bourbon coming to a bar near you?

A Kentucky bourbon producer announced this week that it wants to cut its companywide greenhouse gas emissions and water usage in half by 2030. E&E News explains how the campaign will cover every part of its bourbon production – from “seed to sip.”

4The world’s most powerful tidal turbine is preparing to operate

A tidal turbine weighing 680 metric tons and known as “the world’s most powerful” one has been launched in Scotland. CNBC reports that the turbine is able to produce enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 2,000 U.K. homes each year.

3Prediction: Monster wind turbines are going to get bigger

According to a recent report from the Global Wind Energy Council, the sector installed 93 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity in 2020. Oil & Gas 360 highlights how this expansion is also part of the size of these turbines.

2Crystals are changing the future of solar panels

Solar panels made from materials called perovskites could change how we generate electricity. NBC News writes about how perovskites have been around since the 1800’s but are now sparking hope that they will help us to better harness energy from the sun.

1Energy Department announces goal to make hydrogen power, EV batteries more affordable

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced new goals to lower the cost of clean energy and other climate change technologies. The Hill breaks down how DOE wants to reduce the price of hydrogen energy by 80 percent before 2030 and cut battery cell prices in half in order to make electric vehicles more affordable.