CEA Mid-Continent

The Mid-Continent is not only rich in resources but is an area that refines most of our counties oil and natural gas. It is also home to Texas, which is the largest producer of wind power in the country.

Energy Affordability Must Be a Top Concern for Newly Elected

CEA President David Holt discusses the importance of affordable energy to those living below the poverty line and on fixed incomes and why it...
Family in a Field

Trump Drilling Plan Faces Backlash

CEA's David Holt recently spoke with The Hill on the importance of creating a dialogue around offshore energy exploration so elected officials and policymakers can...
natural gas

Natural Gas: Why U.S. Leads World in Cutting Emissions

Anti-energy activists have created more chaos, only hurting families and small businesses on a budget, by wrongfully villainizing natural gas without fact-checking first. Most...