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Run, Don’t Walk, to Tell Government We Need Affordable Energy

With Europe reeling from high energy costs and rationing the usage of natural gas, CEA's David Holt examines how misguided energy policies are producing...
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America’s Broken Policies Put Our Energy and Environmental Futures at Risk

CEA President David Holt examines how the lack of a coherent energy policy is negatively impacting American families and businesses and what we must...
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Our Energy Policy Is Fundamentally Broken

CEA's David Holt joined Nevada Newsmakers to discuss America's fundamentally broken energy policy. Listen here - Nevada Newsmakers
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Americans Suffering Needlessly From Self-Inflicted Energy, Inflation Crisis

David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance, recently discussed how bad energy policies are causing rampant inflation and historically high energy prices and what...
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The Biden Administration’s Aimless Energy Policy Is Gambling With America’s Economy

With energy prices rising to unsustainable levels, CEA President David Holt looks at the ineffective political policies that are continuing to drive prices higher...
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Tipping Point New Mexico

CEA's Brydon Ross joined Tipping Point New Mexico to discuss the importance of pipeline and energy infrastructure. Listen here - Tipping Point New Mexico
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The Greatest Energy Mistake Ever Made

As energy prices continue their upward trajectory, CEA's David Holt looks at how government regulations continue to discourage investment in a sustainable, clean energy...
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Two Simple Steps That Could Reduce Gasoline Costs for Americans and Help Allies Too

CEA's Kevin Doyle joined The Global Lane on CBN News to discuss how commonsense energy policies can help the Biden Administration fulfill promises to America's...
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Offshore U.S. Oil and Gas Is Critical to Lowering Energy Prices

CEA President Holt examines the history of offshore leasing for energy exploration and production and how freezing federal lease sales leads to higher gas...
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Gas Prices to Rise in 2022 Amid Soaring Demand, Omicron Spread

Michael Zehr, CEA's federal policy advisor recently sat down with Cheddar News to talk about soaring gas prices and the pain consumers will be...