Butane is another element of natural gas liquids, and if you don’t know much about it, except maybe that it’s used in lighters, we’re here to give you a little bit more background. We know what you’re thinking – BUT – before you say it, we have to point out that it’s not just used for portable camping stoves either! Although, those tend to bring instant gratification like s’mores, burgers and maybe an occasional can of warmed up SPAM. What?! It’s good – at least that’s what our Colorado people tell us!

So what is butane?

Butane is another ingredient used to make ethylene. When we talked about ethane and how it is a component for ethylene, we also talked about how important it is to food safety, but did you also know it’s a vital part of transportation safety too? Who knew?!

Well, maybe not the safety that might immediately come to mind like oxygen masks, life vests, or airbags but how about those heavy duty tires to stop a speeding jet on a runway! WHOA, big fella! Those tires are made of the same synthetic rubber that is used for cars, trains, and bikes. And we all know that when the going gets fast, the fast still need to stop. So, with synthetic rubber, you can burn all the rubber you want before the tread starts to fade.

But wait, butane is also used as a building block for other healthcare products. You wouldn’t want a family member or friend going in for surgery while the surgeon used their bare hands – that’s gross – even after a good scrub. That’s why you need surgical gloves! Many diseases and diagnoses also benefit from butane through the creation of catheters. After a diagnosis of diabetes, stroke, or Multiple Sclerosis, many people often need to use one daily, making the use of a catheter an essential part of their everyday life.

Speaking of daily life, the shoes that you wear every day – that’s right – butane. Rubber soles require the use of butane, it’s what helps to ensure they don’t wear down quickly, keep you from slipping, and in some cases, it helps to make the shoes more comfortable. Butane also helps make sporting goods that we use recreationally, whether its golf, tennis, racquetball or soccer, synthetic rubbers help not only in providing durability, but it can also enhance performance. If it doesn’t improve your performance, that little rubber eraser at the end of a pencil is also made from butane – just use that and erase your score before anyone notices!!!