Light Crude

Crude is a pretty general term people give to oil, and it’s easy just to dismiss it as such, but to understand what people mean when they talk about oil honestly, it’s important to know that there are different types of crude oil and each is produced, transported, refined and used in all sorts of ways.

Essentially there are four main types of oil – very light oils, light oils, medium oils, and heavy fuel oils. Most of what Line 5 carries is light oil, which creates fuels for various modes of transportation like gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. Not surprisingly, 92 percent of all the fuel we use for transportation in America comes from petroleum.

That means the light oil from Line 5 will be used as gasoline to fuel cars, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles. Plus, you can add in all the fun things to do in the summer, like, heading out to the lake on a boat, riding off-road vehicles on trails around Copemish and Traverse City, or RV camping in one of over 100 of Michigan’s state parks or recreation areas.

Thinking about leaving for the weekend for a beach vacation or some international sight-seeing? You’ll definitely need jet fuel. While you can use jet fuel in some diesel car engines – not all cars can run off jet fuel – so don’t get any crazy ideas! That’s because there are two main types of jet fuel which are regulated for all aircraft across the world. This is so there are strict standards when you decide to live that jet-set life! While they differ in quality, sure, they also differ in freezing points! That’s because cars can’t fly at 30,000 ft – at least that we know of (things that make you go…hmmmmmmmmm.) So when your plane reaches high altitudes and the temperature makes a dash to -40 – you know you’ll be in good hands with jet fuel and not gasoline.

Before you head off for that flight or make your way out for a summer adventure, don’t forget to stock up on munchies, a portable speaker or headphones for tunes, and something warm to put on over that wet bathing suit. Just make sure all the trucks are running off enough diesel to get all of these things to stock the shelves in our stores. I mean, you wouldn’t want to get out of the lake and sit around wet – well – not unless someone lit a fire, passed you a tasty snack, and handed you a delicious beverage. That’d be amazing.