If you’ve ever driven past a house with a big white tank in the yard, you might be able to deduce that propane is their primary source of fuel. In fact, a lot of rural households, farms, and businesses use propane to heat their homes, run their farm equipment, and power their operations, but in most cases, it’s not as obvious as seeing it in the yard or on the back of a truck.

Across the United States, approximately 7.8 million households use propane as their primary source for heating, another 4.6 million homes use it to heat water, and more than 42 million homes use propane for everything from cooking and camping to drying clothes and grilling. No matter summer or winter, you might even find a family here or there with their feet propped up, relaxing in front of a fireplace or fire pit enjoying the evening. So if you thought propane was just for rural areas – think again! That’s over 54 million people in the U.S. that either relies on or uses propane. To get even more specific, the vast majority of households that use propane are located in Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota, Illinois – and you guessed it – MICHIGAN! Maybe not exactly the states you’d likely think would be dependent on the fuel.

That’s probably because you were thinking about farms – places with dirt roads, endless plains, greener pastures – America’s Heartland. Even that might be a misplaced guess. Nationwide, the biggest agricultural users – think grain drying, vehicles, water and space heating, and generators – are in Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois – neighbors in the whole grand scheme of supply chains and distribution networks. Come on – we all have to play our parts – nobody is perfect and can do everything. Share the wealth!

Propane isn’t just limited to houses and farms; it’s also used for vehicles like school and city buses, off-road vehicles and forklifts – you’ll even find it in lawnmowers and portable camping stoves. So if you’re ready to enjoy the summer and its endless barbeques, weekend adventures, and fresh cut grass – you’ll definitely need to make sure you’ve got enough propane to last you through the season!