Reliable and affordable sources of energy are critically important to the success of families and businesses across the nation – and in Arizona resident can always rely on the abundant sunshine. As a result, solar power is an active conversation in Arizona’s state legislature, regulatory agencies, and communities about how to shine light on solar energy and harness policies that are good for communities across the Grand Canyon state. An increase in solar energy production would not only be vital to the environment, it would also bring affordable energy to households and businesses throughout the state. That is why solar energy policies and initiatives in Arizona are helping to lay the foundation for a vibrant, clean, reliable, and affordable future in this diverse Southwest state.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Arizona’s Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Residents with Solar Leases
    In March 2018, the highest court in Arizona ruled that customers who lease rooftop solar panels are exempt from paying some property taxes. This ruling also saves residential solar installers who own the systems millions in potential taxes. Residents of the sunny state now have more expanded freedoms to choose clean energy.
  • Ballot Initiative in Arizona requires 50% Renewable Energy by 2030
    The Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Committee has created a ballot initiative requiring that 50% of Arizona’s annual retail sales of electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2030, 10% of this being from solar. So far, the initiative has over 480,000 signatures from state residents.
  • Renewable Energy Standard & Tariff (REST)
    In 2006, Arizona approved the REST, which requires all electric utilities to generate 15% of their energy from renewable resources by 2025. REST requires utilities to file annual implementation reports that highlight how they plan to achieve their generation goals. These reports include incentives for customers who install solar energy technologies in their homes and businesses.
  • Decision in Tucson Electric/UNS Solar Rate Case Delayed
    A net metering rate amendment is alive and well in Arizona. If approved, the new order would set initial export rates at 9.64 cents per kilowatt hour for Tucson Energy and 11.5 cents for UNS, locked in for 10 years for each customer and decreasing up to 10 percent annually. Currently, Tucson Energy customers are credited for excess solar production at the full retail rate of about 11 cents per kWh.