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Solar energy offers each American the opportunity to power their life, community, and home with clean, reliable energy. As solar technology proliferates, it can contribute to a more robust electric grid and provide countless benefits to every American consumer—and it is more accessible than you think.



Solar Energy News

Solar panel installation on roof

Time to Reassess Energy Policies

CEA's Chris Ventura discusses the incentives available for solar energy installations to Michigan's energy consumers and the importance of reassessing state policies to ensure a sustainable future for solar power generation. With the state projected...

Let’s Re-examine Solar Energy Policies

CEA's Brydon Ross recently discussed the importance of creating policies which ensure a sustainable future for solar energy in New Hampshire. Nationally, solar generation grew over 40 percent between 2016 and 2017, the U.S. Department...
Solar panel installation

Solar Incentives Support US Energy Goals

Brydon Ross, Vice President of State Affairs, was featured in Real Clear Energy discussing CEA's most recent solar energy report. Many state lawmakers and utility commissions nationwide are reexamining their current regulatory frameworks accordingly. CEA has a new...

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