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Solar energy offers each American the opportunity to power their life, community, and home with clean, reliable energy. As solar technology proliferates, it can contribute to a more robust electric grid and provide countless benefits to every American consumer—and it is more accessible than you think.

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Consumer Group Testifies on National Environmental Policy Act Reform

Statement before the 2020 Council on Environmental Quality February 11, 2020 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 RE: Docket No. CEQ-2019-0003 RE: Executive Order 13807   Members of the Committee, My name is Emily Haggstrom, and I am the Vice President...

U.S. Renewable Energy Sector Hits Record $55.5B

While activists and critics decry the current administration's renewable energy policies as inadequate or unsupportive, something great happened in 2019: The United States renewable energy sector attracted a record $55.5 billion in investment. As renewable...

Largest Solar Farm in the U.S. Approved by Trump Administration

The Trump administration gives approval for the United States’ largest solar farm in Nevada. In the wake of adamant support of renewable energy from more American voters than ever before, the Trump administration has approved...
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Top Five STEM Related Careers in the Solar Energy Industry

The renewable energy industry is booming and full of thousands of vacant jobs ready for the taking. In fact, the single largest expected demand in jobs is more specifically in the solar sector of...

Consumer Group Applauds Bi-Partisan Measure in Support of Solar

Louisville, KY – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading consumer energy advocate, released the following statement after the final passage of Senate Bill 100 (SB 100), which would direct the Kentucky Public Service Commission...

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