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Solar energy offers each American the opportunity to power their life, community, and home with clean, reliable energy. As solar technology proliferates, it can contribute to a more robust electric grid and provide countless benefits to every American consumer—and it is more accessible than you think.

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Consumer Group Applauds Bi-Partisan Measure in Support of Solar

Louisville, KY – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading consumer energy advocate, released the following statement after the final passage of Senate Bill 100 (SB 100), which would direct the Kentucky Public Service Commission...

The Sunshine State and Solar

The Sunshine State, as its name suggests, sees over 120 sunny days a year. Florida’s ideal weather allows the 116 million visitors to enjoy the pristine beaches and world-renowned amusement parks – adding approximately...
Solar panel installation

Florida Should Take Another Look at Its Solar Policy

Kevin Doyle, CEA-Florida Executive Director looks at how Floridians are benefiting from access to solar energy and how new policies can make solar more affordable, but also more available to individuals who are unable...
Rooftop Solar

Are Arizona’s Solar Policies Balanced for All Consumers?

CEA's Brydon Ross examines Arizona's solar energy incentives and how solar can be more accessible. Solar power has become a force partly because the prices for installation nationally have declined about 70 percent since 2011. Prices for utility-scale...
Solar panel installation on roof

Time to Reassess Energy Policies

CEA's Chris Ventura discusses the incentives available for solar energy installations to Michigan's energy consumers and the importance of reassessing state policies to ensure a sustainable future for solar power generation. With the state projected...

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