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Solar energy offers each American the opportunity to power their life, community, and home with clean, reliable energy. As solar technology proliferates, it can contribute to a more robust electric grid and provide countless benefits to every American consumer—and it is more accessible than you think.

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Installing Solar Panels

Pittsburgh International Airport Model for How to Ease Emissions

With airports being among the largest sources of emissions, CEA Mid-Atlantic Executive Director Mike Butler examines how the Pittsburgh International Airport is utilizing natural gas, solar, and microgrid technology to reduce emissions in Allegheny...
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To Curb Climate Change, Mixing Traditional Fuels with Renewables Can Help

It’s been all but accepted now that our nation’s energy mix will evolve from relying completely on traditional sources of fuel to incorporating more renewables and cleaner energy sources. What’s little known, and maybe...
Community houses with palms, South Florida

Important to Evaluate Opportunities for All Floridians to Benefit from Solar Energy, Consumer Energy...

TALLAHASSEE – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading North American energy and environmental advocate for families and businesses, today testified during a legislative hearing of the Florida Senate Committee on Regulated Industries about solar...
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Top Five STEM Related Careers in the Solar Energy Industry

The renewable energy industry is booming and full of thousands of vacant jobs ready for the taking. In fact, the single largest expected demand in jobs is more specifically in the solar sector of...
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Do You Know the Different Ways Solar is Used to Provide Electricity?

There are four principal ways solar energy is deployed in the country: universal or utility-scale solar, community solar, private residential solar, and private third-party leased. Solar power is growing across the country, but what...

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