Colorado, known for the Rockies, skiing, and sports, boasts over 300 sunny days per year. Its rugged terrain and varying elevations make it a perfect fit for solar energy production. Colorado has enacted key legislation, including SB 9 which addresses energy storage and utility choice. Furthermore, there are new solar projects that are projected to generate power to thousands of households throughout the state. Solar technology’s clean, reliable, and environmentally friendly nature brings affordable energy to the homes and businesses of Colorado’s residents while preserving the states valuable, vibrant landscapes.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Colorado Springs Utilities Signs Solar Energy Project Contracts
    The Palmer Solar Project and Grazing Yak Project have the green light to begin construction in El Paso County. When brought online, will generate enough power to run 30,000 households in Colorado by 2020. These two projects will sell energy produced to Colorado Springs Utilities to produce clean, renewable electricity for families in the state.
  • Colorado Governor Signs Energy Storage Legislation into Law
    In March, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed energy storage legislation into law that will help the state’s solar market and job growth.  SB 9 allows Colorado residents to choose specifically where their energy comes from and where they can store it without restrictions.