The Land of Lincoln, a midwestern state responsible for feeding America is looking for a new kind of plant to farm, solar. One of the nation’s busiest cities, Chicago, resides in this state and requires an enormous amount of power to keep up with its residents. There are robust discussions happening in the state legislature that could change the solar industry in Illinois and add an increase of renewable energy into the grid.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Trio of Bills Await Governor’s Signature
    Sparked by the 2016 Future Energy Jobs Act came three bills proposing solar farms on Illinois farmland. In summary the bills look to standardize expectations and requirements for large-scale solar installations being built on farmland. One bill, SB 486 deals with the calculation of property taxes for land receiving these panels. Another bill, SB 2591 would make it so solar developers have to work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to compensate landowners for impact on agricultural use of their farmland. In addition, once the solar installation’s lifespan is up they must return the borrowed land to farmers. Finally, SB 3214 states that the land around these solar installations must be designated as habitat for pollinators like bees, beetles, and other insects.