A state known for its blend of food, drinks, and cultures, Louisiana is slowly making a name for itself in the world of solar. Large scale solar projects are being implemented in ‘The Pelican State’ and word of new initiatives are on the horizon in Baton Rouge. Within the next 50 years, solar technology’s clean, affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly process has the ability to become one of the most popular energy sources for American families and businesses. Perhaps it’s something to think about while you’re wondering just where the electricity to blend your Mardi Gras drink came from.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Mall of Louisiana Run Entirely on Solar
    In Baton Rouge, thousands of shoppers browse the stores in the Mall of Louisiana on the weekends. What they may not realize however is that above their heads, hundreds of solar panels are powering the lights and air conditioning within the 1.5 million square foot space. Utility scale solar is paving the way for a new solar frontier in the state, at the mall is only scratching the surface.
  • Entergy and Eagle Solar Partner-Up for Solar Project
    Solar is sailing into port in Port Allen. Entergy and Eagle Solar have joined forces in the name of solar. Plans are in the works to begin construction on what will be the largest solar plant in the state of Louisiana. In addition to being the largest solar plant in the state, it will also create roughly 350 new jobs. Entergy has signed a contract to buy power produced by the plant, which Eagle Solar hopes to have up and running by March 2020.