Massachusetts is at the forefront of much of our nation’s history and is now taking steps towards allowing the energy consumer freedom of choice. Energy diversity conversations regarding renewables and solar energy are ongoing throughout the state legislature, regulatory agencies, and communities. The push for affordable energy policies are ever important to the residents of Massachusetts. Whether it is a solar powered Fenway field, or a competitive utility market that lowers energy costs, the future of solar energy in Massachusetts relies greatly on consumer-friendly energy policies.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • An Act to Promote Energy Diversity
    In August 2016, Governor Baker signed into law a comprehensive energy bill passed by the state legislature. Bill H.4568 requires Massachusetts to solicit long-term contracts – lasting 15 or 20 years – for 1,200 megawatts of hydropower or other renewable resources, such as land-based wind or solar.
  • Promoting a Clean Energy Future
    In June 2018, the Massachusetts State Senate approved a package of energy bills proposing a slew of new provisions in The Bay State’s solar space. If implemented, we could see changes ranging from a 100% renewable energy standard by 2047 to removing the state’s net metering caps.