Bordering four of the Great Lakes, Michigan is in a fantastic spot to test out renewable energy technology, particularly wind and solar energy. With solar energy being environmentally benign it makes sense to use with Michigan excelling as an outdoor destination. Next time you’re water-skiing across Lake Superior and breathing in clean, fresh air, you may want to thank the renewable energy industry for making it all possible. As solar technology has improved and become more readily available, it’s also become more affordable for the consumer. This means solar is becoming an option for everyone in the Great Lake State.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Tax Breaks for Household “Alternative Energy” Installations
    In March 2018, HBs 5143 & 5680 were introduced to the Michigan House of Representatives proposing to make investments in residential and small-scale solar energy equitable under the tax code. This means treating the addition of solar panels on residential property the same as installing a back up generator or high efficiency furnace. In June 2018, both bills were passed by an overwhelming majority.
  • Flushing Township Planning Commission Says Yes to Solar
    In July 2018 the Flushing Township Planning Commission passed an ordinance allowing residents to install solar PV panels. This means residents have the option to attach solar panels to their roof or to the ground outside their home.