The Silver State shares more than just a border with California, it also shares the sunny skies and mild weather. With the average summer forecast in Nevada being 71°F and sunny, it’s the perfect place to test out the latest solar technologies and services offered to businesses and families. Solar energy is growing in Nevada due to its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) which required 20% renewable energy (5% solar) by 2015. Not only is solar power becoming more popular, but it’s also becoming more affordable, allowing consumers a wider variety of options when it comes to choosing the energy source that’s right for them. With numerous utility-scale, commercial and residential solar projects, Nevada has remained one of the top solar producing states in the nation.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Nevada’s Latest and Greatest RPS
    It’s looking like a bright future ahead for Nevada. Lawmakers hit the ground running in February 2017 and began the first steps in implementing a new RPS for the state with AB 206 stating that 40% of Nevada’s energy needs to be from renewable sources by 2030.
  • Establishing Guidelines for a Solar Community Program
    Although vetoed, SB 392 will be returning to the Nevada Senate floor in 2019. This bill would mean that the state will need to establish guidelines for a community solar program, including provisions allowing up to $1 million in incentives for low-income solar projects.