New Mexico

New Mexico receives abundant sunshine nearly 300 days a year which makes it a perfect candidate for solar farms. In fact, New Mexico has left its mark on the solar industry with several utility scale solar projects, one completed as recent as July. These utility scale solar projects make for affordable energy prices for New Mexico consumers. Forward-thinking policies and initiatives continue to drive New Mexico’s renewable energy sector.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • ‘Standard Solar’ Finishes Solar Project in New Mexico
    A new 9.8-MW solar farm is up and running in Gallup, New Mexico. Standard Solar Inc. finished the project on July 31, 2018 and will own and operate the facility built on city-owned land. The solar farm is expected to mean nearly 10% of the city’s energy needs. The almost 30,000 panel system will save Gallup $785,000 in the first eight years of operation, according to the announcement.