The Pacific Northwest isn’t a part of the nation known for its abundant sunshine. Which is why people find it surprising when they hear that Oregon was one of the 25 states researched in the 2018 Solar Incentive Report for having a hand in the solar industry. With 166 solar companies in the state and coming in 19th place in the national rankings for highest solar producing states, Oregon has more than its hand in the game, it has potential to be a leader. Home to many large scale companies, Oregon is poised to invest in new solar developments, with many of these companies committing to utilizing solar as their source of energy. While Oregon is known for its quirky culture and iconic coffee shops, it is notorious for adapting to change and new ideas quickly so it is easy to understand why adopting a solar with open arms was relatively easy.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Facebook Brings Solar to Oregon
    Earlier this year, Facebook announced that its Prineville data center will be run 100% on renewable energy from solar development. The collaboration between Facebook, Oregon officials, and Pacific Power will help fuel Prineville’s data center while fulfilling Facebook’s long-term sustainability goals. It will also support the city’s economic growth and create 437-megawatts (MW) of new solar developments in Oregon.