Rhode Island

Known for its mild weather and seaside towns, Rhode Island has made it on the list of states where solar is ‘up and coming.’ Rhode Island is beginning to experiment with its solar energy potential. Solar initiatives and policies are key to bringing the residents of Rhode Island clean, affordable energy. Plans have been drawn and implemented for Rhode Island’s solar energy production and the future looks bright for the Ocean State.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Rhode Island Encourages Solar Siting on Developed Lands
    The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources has created a set of initiatives to encourage solar development on brown fields, rooftops, and carports. The initiatives were announced after hearing input from various stakeholders in the solar industry, including environmentalists, farmers, businesses, residents, and municipal planners. Instead of creating large solar farms, the state has decided the best way to take advantage of solar energy is to use the underutilized space which has already been developed on.