South Carolina

The power of solar is shining in South Carolina. The state has grown to a solar generation capacity powerful enough to sustain almost 60,000 homes over the span of four years. Areas like Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville have focused on the benefits of renewable energy especially community solar projects for several years. South Carolina’s solar goal is simply to provide, clean and affordable energy options for the consumer. Solar in South Carolina is growing and exciting.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Community Solar in South Carolina
    Duke Energy recently announced the launch of a community solar program that will help all demographics experience the wonders of renewable energy. Installation costs of solar panels can be extremely pricey, making it so that only a percentage of state residents can experience using solar to power their lives. With Duke Energy’s new community solar program, customers can subscribe to an already-existing solar project rather than purchasing systems to be installed on their homes.
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