One of the most scenic states in the western part of the country, Utah, is in the top 10 solar creating states in the nation. Ranking in 9th place, Utah has quickly become one of the leaders in renewable energy. Known for its national parks and unique combination of terrains, the state is a hotspot for family ski trips or floating around in the Great Salt Lake. More and more companies are looking at PV panels to help run their businesses, and families are realizing the potential the technology has to increase sustainability for generations to come.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • Utah Division of Public Utilities Combats Solar Fraud
    With the popularity of solar energy rising, unfavorable players are entering the market and scamming people into going solar, in all the wrong ways. Worried state officials have brought their concerns to the table and together, The Utah Division of Public Utilities and the Office of Consumer Services launched a new website to fight back. Now, residents and companies considering solar as their energy source can go to rooftopsolar.utah.gov to provide background information to ensure they are aware of rates and rules to avoid succumbing to scams. Interested solar customers can also look at the right questions they should be asking their solar provider or utility company before committing to the renewable energy source.