Our mission is to engage and inform you, the public, about the vital importance of our nation’s energy infrastructure and its daily role in our lives.

Pro Solar. Pro Grid. Pro Consumer. As solar technology proliferates, it can improve our electric grid and provide benefits to every American consumer.

Line 3 has been operating in Minnesota safely for decades, but like anything we build, it’s time to be replaced. Help support the replacement of Line 3. Click the photo above and learn more!

In addition to the high cost of living, New England also pays the highest electric rates in the contiguous United States. But electricity doesn’t have to cost that much. What New England is missing is simple. It needs infrastructure to meet its high energy demands and help unclog bottlenecks in the system.

America has abundant energy supplies just off its shores. The CEA Offshore Initiative advocates for federal and state policies that allow the exploration of America’s offshore energy.

A CEA original video series highlighting communities where unemployment is dropping and small businesses are growing because of new energy production and development.

Oil and natural gas are vital to Colorado’s economy, from brewing to agriculture and education.

CEA’s Onshore Initiative is focused on communicating and promoting the social, environmental and economic benefits of onshore energy production to consumers, business leaders and elected officials.

The nation’s largest family festival showcasing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Energy Day takes places in multiple cities with nearly 70 interactive demonstrations and exhibits teaching students and their families about the various forms of STEM education.

Alaska’s critical energy resources can further strengthen American national security and economic prosperity. We must ensure that energy development and environmental protection continue in America’s arctic.

Pipeline Pioneers is an original web-series that tells the story of the individuals involved in building America’s greatest working landmark.

Promoting trucking safety in energy development regions through educational outreach, support for robust law enforcement, and a shared commitment to safe and responsible transportation.

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