An “all of the above” energy policy is one that is most beneficial to families and small businesses, encouraging diversity of energy sources and competition to keep energy costs low. Consumer Energy Alliance believes that wind is an important part of an “all of the above” energy mix going forward for America.

Wind energy facilities generate renewable, domestic electricity that can help address our country’s robust power needs. A single 300-megawatt project could represent more than $300 million in private investment, and developers work to place projects in areas selected to minimize impacts on residents. The build-out of a utility-scale project would typically result in 200-300 construction jobs and significant local spending. Once operational, a 300-megawatt project can create up to 20 new local, full time, permanent jobs.

Projects are typically built on private land, if and only if the landowners have volunteered to be a part of the project. Farmers who volunteer to host wind turbines on their private property receive annual lease payments, which can help inject millions of dollars into local economies. In addition, local municipalities, school districts, and fire and road districts can receive millions of dollars annually in new long-term funding over the life of each project.


Learn How Wind Energy Can Help Piatt County!

Piatt County Wind Forum – April 23, 2019 – 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Monticello Community Building
201 N State St.
Monticello, IL 61856