While the national unemployment rate sits at 3.8% – Isabella County in Central Michigan is experiencing one of the highest unemployment rates in the country at 5.5%. But a new wind project being proposed in the county could help bring hundreds of new, reliable jobs to local residents.

Landowners in Isabella County should have the freedom of choice to support wind energy development on their property. Not only is wind a clean and renewable energy resource, it will also bring over $103 million in revenue that will be paid directly to local landowners.

Wind energy will drive 25-30 years of long-term revenue to the local economy each year totaling close to $31 million. These funds will be directed to schools across the townships, local merchants, contractors, and other small businesses.

Wind turbine technicians are one of the fastest growing American jobs of the decade.

Energy independence comes in many forms. Unfortunately, Michigan is losing new economic opportunities to states like Texas who are leading the nation in the construction of new supplies of American made energy.

By creating independent planning and zoning boards within the townships in Isabella County will strip landowners of their right to make decisions about their own property?

By saying ‘NO’ to local zoning boards and supporting local wind energy production, you help residents just like you save their hard earned cash and make sure it stays where it belongs—in their bank accounts!

The rapid expansion of the wind industry is due in part to Americans realizing the numerous economic benefits the industry provides to towns where they are built.