IRS 990 Disclosure (2016)

2016 CEA 990
Families, Communities and Finances: The Consequences of Denying Critical Pipeline Infrastructure

Report: U.S. Will Lose One-Third of its Electricity Generation Capacity Without More Infrastructure

A new report released today by Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) found that rejecting pipeline infrastructure would remove almost one-third of U.S. electricity generation capacity...
Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Solar Incentives

CEA Releases Comprehensive Solar Incentive Analysis; Highlights Importance of Pro-Solar, Pro-Grid, Pro-Consumer Policies

As part of Consumer Energy Alliance’s (CEA) Solar Energy Future campaign, the organization today released a new report, “Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis...
Boston Massachusetts Skyline

Energy Costs and Infrastructure Important for Bay Staters

A poll conducted for Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) this week shows that Massachusetts voters believe that energy issues are important and that they strongly...

IRS 990 Disclosure (2012)

2012 CEA IRS 990

Consumer Energy Alliance 2013 Annual Report

2013 Consumer Energy Alliance Annual Report

Consumer Energy Alliance 2012 Annual Report

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