West Virginia

“We are at a crossroads where elected leaders throughout the state have a unique chance to support a balanced, responsible energy policy that satisfies the needs of all West Virginians. CEA’s Campaign for America’s Energy will actively engage policymakers so they realize the opportunity West Virginia’s energy resources provide and how our energy needs can be met while also protecting the environment.”

– Greg Kozera, Director of Marketing at Shale Crescent

The average price of gasoline in West Virginia is higher than the national average, leaving a big impact on the roughly 18% of West Virginians who live in poverty. With West Virginians paying in excess of $3,900 per year on energy expenses an individual in the state who is living at the poverty line is spending 33% of their income on energy.

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West Virginia News

Natural Gas Has Revitalized the Region

Midwest Executive Director, Chris Ventura, sat down with the Intelligencer to discuss CEA's latest report, Powering West Virginia, and how regulatory certainty and sound environmental regulations have allowed for a boom in energy production. “They have been consistent...

Winning Combination

Across the state, private companies are looking to invest hundreds of millions of dollars building state-of-the-art natural gas-fired power plants.  CEA's Chris Ventura looks at why this is important for the state's economy and...
West Virginia Landscape

Research & Commentary: Fracking Creates Massive Consumer Savings and Investment in West Virginia

CEA's Chris Ventura was quoted discussing the importance energy production and energy infrastructure are to West Virginia's families. “The mining and production of traditional energy resources, like natural gas, have supported communities throughout the state...

Energy Grows Advancements in Medicine

“Back when I was your age” is an expression many of us have heard and have maybe even said to our friends or our own children. According to the PEW Research Center, for many years...

Survey Underscores Importance of Record-Low Energy Costs Made Possible by Shale

CEA's reports around consumer savings and job creation as a result of natural gas development in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia were highlighted by Energy in Depth. A trio of recent Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) reports...